10 Medical Advices to the Men’s Health

1. try to eat less fatty and fried foods

Men’s tastes are generally heavier, especially men love to drink, usually like to eat greasy and fried foods, very easy to gain weight. This increases the risk of vascular disease. So men have to adapt gradually to eat light food, eat more vegetable oil eat less animal fat, usually eat more garlic and fish, moderate drink red wine, these practices can reduce cholesterol levels.

2. note that the testicular cancer secret

20 years old to 40-year-old man prone to cancer, testicular cancer is one of them. If caught early, the cure rate of 85% of the disease, or difficult to treat. Men can always check their genitals, preferably after a warm bath when the skin becomes soft. If the skin on the muster small disputes and small, should immediately go to hospital.

3. chang the bad habits that do not go to the hospital

Many men do not love to see a doctor, he considered himself no disease, but according to statistics, 80 percent of seriously ill patients admitted, their long-term go to the hospital, a small mistake into a more serious illness, until heart disease, stroke and other diseases attack only had go to the hospital, delaying the best treatment. Therefore, routine annual physical examination is the best way to stay healthy.

4. chest pain must go check

Sometimes men do manual labor or after exercise will be the case of chest pain, chest pain, usually a short break will stop, no need to stress. But it may be early symptoms of heart disease, it is best to go to the hospital, and maybe what not, but the diagnosis only after reassuring.

5. little smoking is wonderful

Smoking increases the cardiovascular disease, lung cancer and respiratory diseases. Health is best to quit smoking, such as a time unable to quit should eat carrots, sweet pepper, onion and garlic, spinach and orange fruits, eat more fish, regular tea, so as to reduce the harmful effects of tobacco.

6. concerned about their moles

If no increase or bleeding mole itself does not have any danger, but many men of his skin does not care about how to change this bad habit. There is often no attention to his abnormal moles, moles to avoid the serious consequences of malignancy.

7. do not forget the threat of high blood pressure

Threat of hypertension on the heart, often causes a heart attack or stroke, so a man should always look at the amount of blood pressure, high blood pressure who had to take medicine according to doctor’s orders, has improved disease can not be discontinued.

8. to maintain a certain degree of physical activity

Too little physical activity will make people fat. Modern man’s less and less physical activity, many middle-aged man in fat, the extra weight caused a great burden on the heart, joints will become less flexible. Therefore, men should always walk at least, preferably regular exercise to promote health while more attractive.

9. it is important to understand the family disease history

Many diseases are hereditary, a man to know their elders and their families have suffered from any disease, ask for the elderly and down. Carry out appropriate health care, prevent many diseases, and diagnosis and treatment of illness in a timely manner.

10. attention : going to the toilet much longer time

Variable length of time a man going to the toilet with constipation or hemorrhoids generally related to such cases but also to eat more vegetables and fruit, and drink plenty of water. If the increase in the number of times going to the toilet, prostatitis may be at play. Need to go to hospital.

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